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Whether you are an established business looking for your first web presence, you require a redesign of an existing Web site, or a new business, I can provide you with what you need.

  • As an established business, I will incorporate your logo and identity into your web site.
  • If you are a new business, I will create an identity especially for you. Not only will I create the logo for your Web site but I can also provide you with the layout for your business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials you may need.
My rates are reasonable because I work out of my home when I am not at my day job. Therefore, I do not have the usual overhead expenses and can keep rates to a minimum.

I will strive to provide your company with the best image. A web site that is well organized with easy navigation. A web site with visual appeal while taking into consideration your target market.


  • A basic 3 page Web site starts at $217.00
  • A basic 3 page E-Commerce Web site starts at $266.00

Because not everyone's needs are the same a specific quote for your needs is always the best.


This logo was created for the Jefferson Council on Aging, (JCOA).

Another logo approved by JCOA for other uses including embroidered shirt patches.





I prefer to call myself a Digital Designer rather than a Graphic Artist. Because I do most of my designs for on-line use and incorporate Flash into most of my logos.

Click below for a few examples:

  • Flash and Logo Design
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